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Monday 24th
09:00-09:10 -- Intro, welcome, logistics.
09:10-09:50 -- Status of Gaia - Jos De Bruijne
09:50-10:20 -- Gaia's Data Processing and Analysis Consortium BD preparation - Luis M. Sarro
10:20-10:50 -- Star + Brown Dwarf & Brown Dwarf + Planet processing - Alessandro Sozzetti
10:50-12:30 -- Brainstorming GAIA + BDs over coffee - Ricky Smart + SOC/LOC
14:00-14:40 -- Outstanding Brown Dwarf questions - Davy Kirkpatrick
14:40-15:05 -- Probing brown dwarf formation mechanisms with Gaia - Richard Parker
15:05-15:30 -- Follow-up of transiting Brown Dwarf companions identified with GAIA - Francois Bouchy
16:00-16-25 -- Finding Hot Jupiters by Gaia photometry using the Directed follow-up strategy - Yifat Dzigan
16:25-16:50 -- Astrometric planet search around southern ultracool dwarfs - Johannes Sahlmann
16:50-17:15 -- Brown dwarf binaries with GAIA - Viki Joergens

Tuesday 25th
09:00-12:00 -- BD Models (includes coffee)
-- What is a model atmosphere - Facilitator Christiane Helling
-- Models across the substellar boundary - Derek Homeier
-- New constrains on the formation and settling of dust in atmospheres of young M / L dwarfs - Elena Manjavacas
-- Cloud structure of brown dwarfs from spectral variability observations - Esther Buenzli
-- Expect the unexpected: non-equilibrium processes in Brown Dwarf model atmospheres - Christiane Helling
13:30-14:10 -- 1% astrometry +10m/s velocities on 1000's of UCDs, what can we learn - John Bochanski
14:10-14:50 -- Gaia and micro-lensing of Brown Dwarfs - Wyn Evans
14:50-17:50 -- BDs and Moving Groups (includes coffee)
-- Identifying and confirming moving groups members - Facilitator Eric Mamjek
-- Kinematics and Luminosities of brown dwarfs with the BDNYC group - Adric Riedel
-- A Pre-Gaia search for low-mass members of the Octans association - Simon Murphy
-- Complementing Gaia from the ground - Herve Bouy
-- Searching for young objects in the Solar neighborhood - Lison Malo

Wednesday 26th
09:00-10:00: Exploring Gaia data with TOPCAT and the Virtual Observatory Mark Taylor
Mark Taylor's hands-on examples are here, Simon Murphy's examples are here and here.
10:30-12:30 BD Ages
-- Age determination for Brown Dwarfs - Jackie Faherty
-- Gaia and white dwarf + brown dwarf binaries - Sarah Casewell
-- Halo brown dwarf and Gaia potential - ZengHua Zhang
-- Examining the Age Activity Relationship of Ultracool Dwarfs with GAIA - Sarah Jane Schmidt
14:00-14:40 -- Who wants a millions brown dwarfs, and why? - Ben Burningham
14:40-15:05 -- The luminosity and mass function of field brown dwarfs - Céline Reylé
15:05-15:30 -- Gaia and brown dwarfs from Spain - Jose A. Caballero
15:30-15:55 -- Brown dwarfs with the VVV survey. - Juan Carlos Beamin
15:55-16:10 -- SpaceLand - key lecture by - Eng. Doct. Carlo Viberti + poster prize
Finish Conference Summary. -Davy Kirkpatrick

Absolute Proper Motions Outside the Plane Zhaoxiang Qi
A spectroscopic census of Brown Dwarfs observed by Gaia - completing the 3D picture
. Federico Marocco
Physical properties of ten L/T dwarfs based on their trigonometric parallax Youfen Wang
Searching for very low stars members of different ages clusters Francisco J. Galindo Guil
Trigonometric parallaxes of cool brown dwarfs Christine Ducourant
A Method for Identifying M dwarfs with Ultra Cool Companions in 2MASS and WISE Neil Cook
A Search for New High Proper Motion Objects in the UKIDSS Galactic Plane Survey Leigh Smith
Filling the radius-mass diagram of BDs with Kepler and the SOPHIE@OHP spectrograph Aldo Stefano Bonomo
Physical parameters of late-type Ms in the ChaMon I Dark Cloud and TW Hydrae Association Amelia Bayo


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