The proceedings will be published in the Memorie della Societa' Astronomica Italiana (SAIt) series.

Page limits: Invited talks 6 pages, Contributed talks 4 pages.

Dealine for submission: May 30th 2014.

Please use your name as the first part of all filenames in your contribution (eg. joebloggs_fig1.eps, joebloggs_main.tex etc).

If you have colour figures please provide a online colour version and a for-print black and white version of the contribution.

The articles must be prepared using LateX2e with the document class mem.cls,available from the web site of the Memorie (site, mem.tar.gz), figures must be provided as postscript or encapsulated postscript files.

For anything, concerning style, which is not explicitly written in the instructions for authors, Memorie conforms to the style of A&A.

We draw your attention to the use of the natbib.sty package for the references (aa.bst bibliography style) and correct use of the macros \citet,\citep etc.. as detailed in the manual available here readme.html. Use of these macros is essential to allow us to correctly create the related hyperlinks.

It is assumed that any material submitted for publication is original and its copyright belongs to the author. If this is not the case, we should be notified, and it is your responsability to obtain permission to publish material already published elsewhere. In this case we need a copy of this permission.

Once your maniscrupt is ready please put in an archive file (name.tar.gz or files) the .tex file and the figures (.ps or .eps) and any additional material you want to put on-line and upload below.

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