as a light dinner you can have an aperitif (but only from 7 pm to 9/9.30 pm).

The aperitivo (aperitif) is a pleasure and a real Torinese ritual, a habit that dates back to the 1786. That was when Antonio Benedetto Carpano produced Vermouth: a special wine aromatized with herbs and spices, which was to become part of the subalpine tradition, and has been marketed by other prestigious companies too, like Martini&Rossi and Cinzano. Now Vermouth is an alternative to wines and cocktails, served with snacks, sandwiches and finger food. These drinks (from 6 to 8 €) are always accompanied by a plate of snacks for you to nibble on, with everything from cold cuts, cheese, slices of omelette and pizza, sushi, and roulades that you can eat instead of dinner. Aperitif time can be a chance to sample some pasta, rice, but also to enjoy typical Piedmontese salamis and cheeses.

The time to go for aperitif is before dinner in the bars scattered throughout the city: under the arcades in the centre, or in the Quadrilatero Romano, or down on the Po at the Murazzi outdoor bars.

Suggested places are:

LE VITEL ETONNÉ, Via San Franceso da Paola 4

Good selection of wine (try Barbaresco). Possibility to have a dinner after the aperitif (8.30 pm).

CAFFÈ ELENA, Piazza Vittorio Veneto 5 - Closed Wednesday

This historic café is located in the small pedestrian zone facing Piazza Vittorio Veneto. It once was the haunt of the writer Cesare Pavese and the philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche. In summer, thanks to a large outdoor area, it may be the most beautiful place to get a drink. Besides its well-stocked wine cellar, this popular café offers a wide selection of aperitifs and appetizers.


For an aperitif, this café has a perfect location: on via Po, just a few steps away from the Regio Theater. Pleasant atmosphere enlivened by the young crowd. At the cocktail hour the fare includes hot appetizers, bagna caôda, pasta and a vast range of canapés.

MULASSANO, Piazza Castello 15

A tiny, historically important, and delicious café in Piazza Castello, 5 meters from Baratti&Milano and the Galleria Subalpina. Established at the end of the 19th century, it was popular with the nobility from the royal court and the artists from the nearby Regio Theater. It is famous for having introduced Italy in 1925 to the tramezzino (a kind of sandwich).

BARATTI & MILANO, Piazza Castello 29

This café opened in 1873 with the name "Supplier of the Royal House" and today it conserves the elegance of fin de siècle atmosphere and is the perfect place for an aperitif. It offers excellent cocktails and unforgettable tramezzini. It’s also perfect for lunch (12:30 to 14:30).

PLATTI, Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 72

Established in 1875, this café has conserved its original furnishings. Pavese and Einaudi were frequent guests. Today light lunch with fixed menu is served from 12:00 to 14:30 and dinner is served à la carte from 19:30 to 24:00.

TRE GALLI, Via Sant'Agostino 25 - Closed Sunday

This is a great place to come before or after dinner. The wine list is extensive, the drinks are excellent, the stuzzichini (snack foods to accompany your drink) are plentiful, and the location is fabulous.

LOBELIX, Via Corte d'Appello 15 - Closed Sunday

This lovely bar in piazza Savoia is the right place to get a drink ... and something to eat. All the benches, shelves and tables of the large entrance room are filled with appetizers, cold and hot: from cheeses to salads to cold cuts.

CAFFÈ NORMAN, Via Pietro Micca 22 - Open 7 days a week

For coffee or a drink, this elegant café-patisserie looks out onto Piazza Solferino. It can look a bit institutional, but it’s a wonderful place to grab a drink and a bite to eat (savory millefeuille, warm tarts and canapés).

and a very special place EATALY, Via Nizza 230/14 (in front of "8 Gallery" Turin Lingotto) - Restaurants open everyday from 12am to 3 pm and from 7pm to 10.15pm

A new food and wine superstore (open from 2007) where you can buy, taste and learn about the best foods all under the same roof.

 only DINNER

Eating out in Turin is a must and a pleasant one at that. You will discover some of the greatest food and wine traditions in Italy, which amounts to an unforgettable experience even for those who only stop over in Turin for a few hours. Barolo, barbaresco, barbera, dolcetto, truffles, cured meat and cheeses, agnolotti, bagna caôda, and the numerous other famous traditions definitely deserve a few hours of your attention. The restaurant scene in Turin has been greatly enriched over the last few years thanks both to immigration, which has brought out interesting ethnic flavors, and to a new interest in “material cultures” on the part of the younger generations.

Suggested places are:

LE TRE GALLINE, Via Bellezia 37 - Closed Sunday and Monday (lunch)

The restaurant is located just a few meters away from Porta Palazzo. Indeed Cesare Pavese loved this restaurant. The best dishes are simply the classic ones: bollito misto (literary means various cuts of meat all mixed together and boiled), fritto misto (a bold mix of sweet and savory), and the extraordinary finanziera (a particular way of "recycling" chicken giblets).

ARCADIA SUSHI BAR, Galleria Subalpina 16 (Piazza Castello)

Unbeatable location: the Galleria Subalpina. The atmosphere is rather formal, and the cuisine uniquely combines Piedmont and Japan. The sushi is excellent thanks to the able hands of the chef, who is Japanese (although the owners are Italian). A modern alternative to the very near Baratti&Milano.

L'AGRIFOGLIO, Via dell'Accademia Albertina 38 - Open for dinner only - Closed Sunday and Monday

It is a small, tight, precise, and pleasant restaurant, and it offers a good mix of tradition and comfort. The menu is interesting – it features creative dishes as well as traditional appetizers. Entrees includeagnolotti al plin and the delicious scaloppa of duck liver in raisin wine. It is recommended that you leave room for the assortment of cheeses – which look mouth-watering on the rich cheese cart – to enjoy alongside a good wine.

LA SPADA REALE, Via Principe Amedeo 53 - Closed Sunday

This restaurant is always crowded, so it’s not the best restaurant if you’re looking for a tranquil place to relax. But the food is worth it – especially the "tajarin" (tagliolini) alla Morcina with black truffles. The wine list has wines for all budgets (even very big budgets).

LA GAIA SCIENZA, Via Guastalla 22 - Closed Sunday

The cuisine is good, without being too ambitious. La Gaia Scienza is known for its penne alla zarina, lumpfish eggs, smoked salmon, .... and vodka.

ANTICA BRUSCHETTERIA PAUTASSO, Piazza Emanuele Filiberto 4 - Closed Monday

It represents a piece of history of the city with its local specialties, following the grandmother's recipes revisiting according to the tastes of our times, for example the bagna caôda without garlic and the boiled mixed. The rich wine cellar aims on Piedmontese red wines.

ANTICHE SERE, Via Cenischia 9 - Serving only dinner - Closed Sunday

One of the few surviving piole in Turin. In terms of the appetizers, the tomini al verde are excellent (little toma cheese balls in an anchovy sauce), but Antiche Sere is especially known for its first courses: thegnocchi in a sausage ragù are out of this world, as are the "tajarin" (tagliolini) with chicken livers. Second courses include classic specialties such as: shank, "tapulon" (finely chopped meat cooked in wine and spices), "cassoeula" (a sort of pork stew with vegetables), and tripe. And for dessert: zabajone, "bonet" (chocolate, rum, coffee, and doughnut shaped amaretti), and panna cotta (one of the best in the universe.

L'OSTO DEL BORGH VEJ, Via Torquato Tasso 7 - Closed Sunday

A taste experience, in the heart of Turin. It proposes a moderately creative kitchen of fish or traditional Piedmontese, prepared with fresh ingredients and presented in a small and agreeable location.

ROAR ROADS PUB, Via Carlo Alberto 3 - Open 7 days a week

 finally, do not miss the ice cream or coffee, ..... and chocolate

GROM, Via Garibaldi 11 - Via Accademia delle Scienze 4 - Piazza Paleocapa 1/D

It is a high quality gelateria. The idea is to apply to the artisanal gelato production the absolute top quality raw materials: only fresh seasonal fruit, no colorings or artificial additives, high quality whole milk for the creams, organic eggs and a selection of the best cocoas and coffees from Central America.

PEPINO, Piazza Carignano 8 - Closed Monday

The location is fabulous: Piazza Carignano in front of Palazzo Carignano (the seat of the first Italian parliament), next to Teatro Carignano and 10 meters from the Cambio Restaurant. Established in 1903, it was the preferred café of the House of Savoy. Today Pepino is an elegant, old-fashioned style bar, a great place to grab a quick meal, an aperitif or a coffee. But the greatest attraction is the gelato. Try thePinguino (“penguin”: chocolate covered gelato), which was invented here.

FIORIO, Via Po 8 - Closed Monday

Perhaps the most famous gelateria in Turin located on the beautiful via Po which connects piazza Castello and the river Po. Established in 1780, the café was popular with artists and politicians such as D'Azeglio and Cavour. The rooms still conserve the elegance of times past. The gianduia cream is a must.

CAFFÈ TORINO, Piazza San Carlo 204 - Open 7 days a week

One of the city's most elegant gathering places, with outdoor tables under the 17th century porticoes surrounding the square. Einaudi and Pavese loved to have their coffee here. Today, however, you don't need to be a great intellectual to take here a coffee or an aperitif (everything is heavenly).

CAFFÈ SAN CARLO, Piazza San Carlo 156 - Closed Monday

It obviously gets its name from the piazza that it looks out onto. In terms of political history, San Carlo café was once upon a time the meeting place for the patriots, the staunch opponents of the conservatives (who in turn hung out at Fiorio). Today it is the perfect pause for those who fancy a little shopping in the center of town.


Established in 1836, the confectionery made by Stratta is famous in Italy and it is institution in Turin. Invoices signed by Count Cavour are kept in the Santena Museum. This was when Stratta did the catering for all the receptionists at the Foreign Ministry, during the time Turin was the capital of Italy. Its show windows display the traditional products of piedmontese confectionery. Favorites include caramels, gianduiotti and the irresistible chocolates. It is also impossible forget the marrons glacés, individually peeled by hand and left to candy in the candissoires for eighty hours.

PEYRANO, Corso Moncalieri 47

Peyrano family was the pioneer of chocolate in Turin. This name became connected with chocolate ever since 1915, when Antonio founded the Peyrano chocolate-making firm, adapting the small workshop in Corso Moncalieri, previously used for the production and sale of sweets.

..... and don't leave Torino without having tasted the bicerin

AL BICERIN, Piazza della Consolata 5 - Closed Wednesday

It is simply the oldest, smallest, most characteristic and beautiful pastry shop in all of Turin from 1763. The speciality of the house is the bicerin, an exquisite invention made from chocolate mixed with coffee, hot bitter chocolate and milk cream. Al Bicerin is located in the magical Piazza della Consolata.

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