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Scientific Organising Committee
Beate Stelzer (INAF-OAPa, Palermo)
Céline Reylé (UTINAM Obs.Besancon)
Coryn Bailer-Jones (MPIA, Heidelberg)
David Barrado y Navascues (CAB, Madrid)
Davy Kirkpatrick (IPAC, California)
France Allard (CRA, Lyon)
Hugh R. A. Jones (UHerts, Hatfield)
Jackie Faherty (Carnegie DTM, Washington)
Mario G. Lattanzi (INAF-OATo, Torino)
Richard L. Smart (INAF-OATo, Torino)

Local Organising Committee
Alberto Vecchiato
Alessandro Sozzetti
Beatrice Bucciarelli
Catia Cardoso
Maria Teresa Crosta
Marica Sarasso
Roberto Morbidelli
Tullia Carriero

All INAF-OATo, Torino


Sponsored by GREAT  a pan European science driven research infrastructure which facilitates, through focused interaction on a European scale, the fullest exploitation of the ESA Gaia 'cornerstone' astronomy mission, enabling the European astronomy community to provide answers to the key challenges in our understanding of the Galaxy and Universe.

Gaia is scheduled for launch in November 2013. It is designed to map over one billion stars with three instruments to collect astrometric, photometric and spectroscopic data on stars in the Milky Way and in galaxies belonging to the Local Group, distant galaxies, quasars and solar system objects. Gaia builds on the expertise established in Europe through the successful ESA Hipparcos mission. 

GREAT is the programme which will bring together relevant scientific expertise by promoting topical workshops, training events, exchange visits, conferences and so forth with the aim of addressing the major scientific issues that the Gaia satellite will impact upon.
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